How does Go manage goroutines?

How does Go manage goroutines?

Welcome to the comics era, where I talk about Go internals with my weird drawings :D the first one is: who's the one that manages Go's goroutines?

Let the comics era begin!

This year I've been focusing on digging deeper in my knowledge about Go internals, since it's my main language. Something I instantly noticed was that there are few content about that, and most of them are complex to understand. Besides, I also had a huge urge to go back to drawing. So why not have them both?

It's something about it that I read in the article How to teach technical concepts with drawings. Julia Evans does an amazing job on simplifying technical concepts with drawings. And I want to follow a similar path.

Therefore, here it is my first comics about Go internals. Enjoy! :)

A few thanks to...

  • My girlfriend, Talita, who is a better writer than me
  • My X-Friends, Arthur Andrade, Juliano Souza and Davi Alvarenga, for giving the first feedbacks about the horrible draft
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