Habemus blog!

Habemus blog!


Welcome to my blog! This article approaches on the reason why I created this blog, what you might expect for it and how you can use it in th best way.


This is a first small article to share a few info about this website. This is my first personal blog website, created with Hugo and Clarity theme and modified by myself. This website is being hosted on Netlify.

I have been wanting to create a blog for a few years now, but I never saved enough time for it due to college. Since it was over on last years, I feel it's a great time to start with it.

What you can expect

This will be my world. Everything I'd like to share with people will be placed here. It'll receive articles, tips, cool podcasts, books, anything that I find it interesting that people should know about.

I don't plan to write texts weekly or monthly; the way I learn is not linear, so I'll share things as I learn them. Hope you all like it!

Every article or project in progress is going to be written in my Notion page. You're welcome to read it before it's published!

Thank you for your time!

Please take some time to take a look at my home website, larien.dev, and check my other social medias. Have a nice day!

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